The Signpost Introduction (01TheSignpost-IFA)
The Signpost Introduction (01TheSignpost-IFA)
This short module introduces VCX training and The Signpost information database. A succinct, printable user guide is also available here.
5a. Asking Questions (5aCM-AQ-IFA)
Core Module
5a. Asking Questions (5aCM-AQ-IFA)
The aim of this module is to introduce 3 questioning protocols that will help colleagues to manage conversations with customers where a vulnerability is disclosed. On completion of the course, a colleague will be able to demonstrate where the...
5c. Managing disclosures of self-harm & suicide (5cSP-SH&S-IFA)
Partner Module
5c. Managing disclosures of self-harm & suicide (5cSP-SH&S-IFA)
This training has been co-produced with Mental Health UK. The subject of self-harm and suicide is sensitively introduced using definitions and helpful facts. The course goes on to explore the likelihood and impact of managing a disclosure of...

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